Designing of Individual, Residential, Commercial & Industrial type Air-conditioning & ventilation works

Supply & Installation of AHU,FAHU,& FAHU with Heat Recovery system & ERV

Supply & Installation for Invidual Wall Mounted, Cassette, Ductableunit,VRF/VRV, Air cooled & water cooled chilled water system​

Supply & Installation of Refrigerant Pipes, Communication cable for DX & VRF/VRV system

Supply & Installation of Individual & centralized Exhaust system for Toilet, kitchen, Industrial &others Area

Supply & Installation of Chilled MS Water Pipes ,ABS Pipes,PPR Pipes Pre Insulated Pipes & HDPE pipes & valves ​

Testing & Commissioning of Individual & centralized air condition system

Annual Maintenance work (AMC)

Testing & commissioning of Individual & Centralized Air-conditioning system

Supply & Configure with Air-conditioning unit with BMS system, Mobile Phone & WIFI Connections